Is it time for a Social Graph CDN/ Facebook CDN (+ Wirehog thoughts)

a long long time ago there was a great service that briefly co-existed with facebook called Wirehog.  One way to put it, it was the first ‘connect’ app…. it meshed your local files with your social graph.  It was cool, and maybe just a bit ahead of its time. 

Anyway, out of some thoughts about old wirehog, and a really interesting conversation at the hackathon (which has been a blast)…,

what about building a facebook connect based CDN/content accelerator?

The general idea is that if you are watching video/interacting with content, and then sharing it on your facebook feed, you are basically pointing a bunch of socially (and quite likely physically) close people to the content, and I bet FB could tell you a lot about who is likely to click on it and how much. 

If you listen to a song and the post it/like it/etc — you are basically kicking off a chain where that content will be hit more often by a defined group of friends/and friends of friends.

So, while right now facebook redirects you through to the content/given endpoint that you have indicated…  what if you wrote an app that started caching the actual content locally while you are at it.  Rather than redirecting back to the original source/origin, why not just keep the bits/some of the bits local and reserve them yourself to your friends.

do the physical distribution while you are doing the social distribution.

I have been taught to be skeptical of peer-to-peer in most instances… you need hyper dense content for it to normally work…  but it is interesting to think of meshing a content network with a social network…  especially as social networks tend to drive more and more of the hits against content networks…  why not spread the content itself along the same social lines that hits to the content spread.

, Hey – nice chatting on Saturday. It was nice to talk about the various functional layers of a CDN. This post, however, I only just found. Let’s rap about this over a beer sooner than later. I feel that there is much to discuss about the social graph working as a distribution layer with intrinsic and de facto integration trust filters integrated is a relatively unexplored topic.

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