I just got tricked by RT

Daniel Delaney just tweeted:

“RT @Mashable: Founder of private web storage site Drop.io, Sam Lessin (@lessin) launches yet another storage startup: cumberb.un”

this was a cleaver joke back to a funny dinner conversation a month or two ago when we decided it was time to bring back the cumberbun as a fashion accessory ideal for storing tech accessories, and critically, for unfinished leftovers from classy restaurants (in a resealable reheatable pouch).

but…  it took me a few min to get the joke, and I must admit that I spent a few min poking around mashable ready to reject the ridiculous claim that I had started a ‘storage’ company

which leads me to the humorous bit that while I love running around town talking about how people read identity into all sorts of unverified/non-identity rich system, I just “got had” by the same mistake. 

RT is a great way to misappropriate authority

…refutable, sure – about the same as saying “billy told me it was true” — but it still works as we re-adjust our expectations online. 

, Sam- wondering if this situation has made you a fan of Twitters implementation of the RT feature (un-editable)?


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