tuning the dial up and down to find the social web

remember analog radios where you twisted the dial to tune in/overshoot/turn back to a signal?  remember how gratifying it was to get a clear channel for a while before you tucked behind a hill?  that is what the ‘social web’ feels like right now…  

Every few months we hit a new strand/clear channel and the fidelity is great for a little bit, and then we overshoot/undershoot and have to hunt for a clear channel again.

why?  because the medium is the message…. and the mediums keep changing.  

1.  For a while in late 2008 I feel like I was tuned in on twitter with high velocity of relatively high value communication… there was a lot of margin in the format and the lines were clear.  Since then, twitter while still great, has felt a lot more noisy/jammed.

2.  Facebook has felt the same through several cycles of fidelity and loss, but that is because unlike twitter, they have an ‘auto-tune’ function in the form of news-feed.  you aren’t turning the dial, they are. 

, I’m finding that the signal to noise ratio is better on Twitter than Facebook… While I’ve blocked almost every application in FB, I still get way more noise… Twitter allows me to filter the noise slightly better, with it not focusing on friendships. It’s easier to unfollow in Twitter than it is to unfriend in FB.

Fort Worth Jake

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