social – physical capital exchange

I strongly believe that there is an exchange rate between social capital and physical capital, even if the exchange rate is low enough, and the transaction costs are high enough, that converting back and forth isn’t generally ROI positive… 

I have found that a lot of people take issue with this premise.  I am currently wondering if the conversion between social and physical capital is going to become more accepted / legitimate with greater transparency.  I think it will…

the other day Kortina used to charge me $2.00 for being late to meet him for coffee. 

– I also think that the exchange rate is changing dramatically as social capital’s value relative to physical capital grows (for another time).

, As always, interesting point Sam. My two cents – it seems to me more intuitive and comfortable for most people to use social capital to gain physical capital than the reverse (even if they don’t describe it as such). The Avon/CutCo/Jewelry party industry is basically built on the premise of turning social capital into physical capital, however I struggle to think of non-romantic (important exception) common and socially acceptable ways to turn physical capital into social capital. Throwing parties, buying beers, etc is the obvious one I suppose, however I doubt to what degree to buys “real” social capital, perhaps only the opportunity to acquire social capital?

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