equilibrium in the crowd

do people want to be in a crowd?  this is a huge question for me….  I was thinking recently about our new-found ability to know where our friends are —

option 1:  – I want to see where the crowd is… then I want to find ‘margin’ – which is when a venue been mis-priced… and is less busy than it should be.  So, if a place is hot on fridays, I want to go there monday. (perhaps a really good restaurant displays these properties)

option 2:  – I want to see where the crowd is… then I want to go there – meaning, the value of the place is it’s crowd. (perhaps a night club displays these properties – so do social networks)

option 1 applies when the resource of a place is scarce and desirable.  Option 2 occurs when the resources of a place are infinite and the thing that is desirable is the community…  A deserted beach vs. Cancun.  These options are both valid, and the general construct applies across a whole bunch of layers….  the scarcity dynamics of option 1 remind me of the value of information, the compounding value of the crowd option 2, feels a lot like the dynamics that drive entertainment.  — either way, tendency is towards zero margin.


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