Monthly Archives: December 2009

I just got tricked by RT

Daniel Delaney just tweeted: “RT @Mashable: Founder of private web storage site, Sam Lessin (@lessin) launches yet another storage startup: cumberb.un” this was a cleaver joke back to a funny dinner conversation a month or two ago when we decided it was time to bring back the cumberbun as a fashion accessory ideal for

thoughts re 2000,2010,2020

decades only happen so often…. and now feels like as good a time as any to pause and do a sketch of 2020, based on a comparison of 2000 and 2010.  In Jan the BLKNY30 is going to host an event with the NYC founder’s round with a similar goal – but in the meantime

Is it time for a Social Graph CDN/ Facebook CDN (+ Wirehog thoughts)

a long long time ago there was a great service that briefly co-existed with facebook called Wirehog.  One way to put it, it was the first ‘connect’ app…. it meshed your local files with your social graph.  It was cool, and maybe just a bit ahead of its time.  Anyway, out of some thoughts about

Double Blind Distro: why tumblr is way racier than fb and twitter. When the medium changes the message

for a long time I didn’t really get tumblr, now I do…  The reason it is really really good, and the reason it matters, is double blind distribution means that I can consume pure content without social overhead. To explain. — Let’s *pretend* I want content from Jenna Jameson. Facebook bidirectional friend relationships help grow

spell check is nice – but I want emotion check

Before I send an email, I want a button next to spell check that says “emotion check”, when I click it google grabs the words and phrases (+ some historical sets) and computes: 1.  The negative/positive tone of the email relative to other emails I send (0-1 scale) 2.  The relative negative/positive tone of the