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service-consumer asymmetry: forget a customer bill of rights, call for a new financial product

Jon Steinberg wrote a good post he entitled ‘the rule of no‘ about the stress on the dynamics between customers and service providers.  I really enjoyed the post, largely because I have had my own huge recent issues with JetBlue. Of course, I started boycotting JetBlue, now I am waiting on the line with Delta

The Medium is the Message: Facebook and Twitter as Content Creators

I am starting to think we need to consider the possibility that facebook and twitter are actually content creators, not content aggregators.  Nothing new here phenomenon wise…  the same pattern of thought can be traced all the way back through history — but interesting to feel it again in the context of ‘social’ media.  The

it isn’t that people don’t care about privacy, it is just that privacy is getting more expensive

Andrew Parker recently wrote a ‘mea culpa‘ on his 2006-2007 conception that people cared about privacy…  he writes: But, where I “Got It Wrong” regarding privacy was assuming that other users felt similarly to me. I didn’t think users were as proactive as I was about privacy hygiene, but I did think they had similar

the cycle of expectations to perceived reality and back again

comes up in all sorts of ways…  the ipad isn’t interesting to me because I expect it — it is on my technology-expectation-line…  I get excited when someone busts the model — , Elaborate on the iPad part. @paramendra

expectation-reality-new expectation.png

, Prepare for exponential. @paramendra

consciously and aggressively "over-value" your time

I am not sure what my time is “worth” per hour (aka what someone else would pay for it), but I am relatively certain that I behave/live life based on overly optimistic assumptions, especially with regards to any task I do repeatedly and can possibly abstract. I don’t really believe in giving personal advice, but

Golden BC heli skiing with Purcell

I was in Golden BC Heli Skiing for a very good friend’s bachelor’s party last weekend.  We went out with Purcell and had a blast.  The second day I took my garmin GPS/heartrate watch out just to see what the data would look like…  there were some visibility issues, so we couldn’t get up as

heli ridein


heli ski day