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f*ck blogging: my last blog post

this blog is over because I believe giving away free content is disingenuous and blogging no longer fulfills my explicit ends.  I am switching to a subscription newsletter.If it is worth it to you, fabulous – the content is going to be very good and very frequent, if not, no worries in the least.  sign

location-data data freestyle: who in NYC gets up early, who parties late, good spots, and more.

location data is awesome…  I have been obsessed with it for a while –  I got my first GPS for my bar-mitzvah in 1996 (it was the only thing I asked for other than night vision), in V1 of the internet I got to hang out with early innovators like John Ellenby / GeoVector, and

content is not only king but emperor of all things electronic

“content is not only king but emperor of all things electronic” – Murdoch in my 2020 predictions one of my posits was that the next decade would see a significant power swing back towards content creators and away from the primacy of distribution/filters. We are only a few months in to the year, but I

equilibrium in the crowd

do people want to be in a crowd?  this is a huge question for me….  I was thinking recently about our new-found ability to know where our friends are — option 1:  – I want to see where the crowd is… then I want to find ‘margin’ – which is when a venue been mis-priced…

social – physical capital exchange

I strongly believe that there is an exchange rate between social capital and physical capital, even if the exchange rate is low enough, and the transaction costs are high enough, that converting back and forth isn’t generally ROI positive…  I have found that a lot of people take issue with this premise.  I am currently

tuning the dial up and down to find the social web

remember analog radios where you twisted the dial to tune in/overshoot/turn back to a signal?  remember how gratifying it was to get a clear channel for a while before you tucked behind a hill?  that is what the ‘social web’ feels like right now…   Every few months we hit a new strand/clear channel and

foursquare at SXSW

this is awesome shows the trends in my friend checkins in NYC during SXSW…  apparently, 2/3rds of the population went to SXSW and stopped checking in around the city — heart data! ,

foursquare goes to sxsw


writing on the command line


a bit more on CSVemail

a few people asked me about CSVemail the tool I referenced in “overvalue your time” — so I figured maybe a quick and dirty walk-through would help…   congrats, now you have a quick and easy way to pull the mini-dataset needed to back out when your friends/enemies/competitors wake up, go out, and work, all